MIF21 – More tickets released today!

With MIF21 just four weeks away, Manchester International Festival are releasing tickets for more Festival shows this week. From 10am today (Thursday 3 June), you can book for…

All of This Unreal Time, a new film and immersive installation starring Cillian Murphy, written by Max Porter, directed by Aoife McArdle and with music by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Jon Hopkins.

I Love You Too, an installation at Central Library by Kemang Wa Lehulere Cloud Studies, Forensic Architecture’s compelling exhibition exploring how power reshapes the very air we breathe.

MIF will be releasing more tickets next week for many other shows, including Arlo ParksNotes on Grief and the legendary Patti Smith – stay tuned for more details.

MIF Members will get priority booking – and it’s not too late to join.

And don’t forget that booking is already open for Arcadia (the first event ever at The Factory), The Global PlaygroundBig Ben Lying Down with Political BooksThe long waited, weighted, gathering and Poet Slash Artist.


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