Volunteering is what North Manchester FM 106.6 is all about.

All the presenters at North Manchester FM 106.6 are volunteers.

Are interested in getting involved in the station, trying something new and meeting new people?

Here are some of the roles you could volunteer for at North Manchester FM 106.6. There are lots of other opportunities too!

You’ll get a real taste for how local radio works.

Music Managers
Adding new music to Myriad (our music layout system) for general broadcast.

Website/ Social Media Managers
Updating the website and social media channels.

Duty Managers
Opening up the building (subject to clearance) so that other presenters can do shows. Dealing with technical broadcast issues in person/ remotely.

Working with other volunteers. staff and board to highlight and apply for potential funding to cover core costs/ deliver projects to increase sustainability.

Events Managers
To organise events which generate income and increase awareness of the station e.g.: gigs/ festivals/ outside broadcasts

Advertising/ Sponsorship
Increase station revenue by actively engaging with potential partners and selling and delivering advertising/ sponsorship

Graphic Designers
Rebranding the station/ designing logos/ images for print and website

Web Developers
Creating and maintaining a new North Manchester FM website

Advertising/ Jingle/ Ident Creator
Creating audio adverts/ idents for the station

For more information or to get involved, please email david@northmanchester.fm