More new shows!

We’re pleased to announce that more of our recent trainees are spreading their wings and moving on to start their own shows next week.

Starting on Monday 3rd February, Geraldine Walsh-Whiteside brings you Nana’s Natter, every Monday 4-5pm. Nana’s Natter is about all things family and community, news, views, recipes and reviews – in fact just about everything! Tune in, or ring in and have a natter: studio 0161 918 6911 or text on 07757 083438. Facebook :: Twitter :: Email 

Geraldine is passionate about grandparenting (amongst other things) and is behind the online community support group Grandparent Support.

Saturday 8th February sees the first airing of Arthur Chappell’s Round Tables. Every Saturday, 2-4pm, Arthur serves a veritable banquet of comedy, music, stories and poetry – more John Cooper Clark than Pam Ayers! Expect the unexpected. Twitter :: Facebook :: Email

Arthur’s first show is on the eve of his 52nd birthday so why not give him call on 0161 918 6911 or text 07757 083438 to wish him happy birthday?

If you’re interested in radio training with North Manchester FM or would like to get involved and present your own radio show, read our Volunteer page and drop us a line.

Arthur and Geraldine in action on The Community Train (Tuesdays 2-4pm) alongside new recruits Tizz and Tiny.


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