Manchester comes together to remember the events that unfolded on the 22nd May

Manchester Bee 22 May

Manchester stands strong as we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Manchester arena bombing. Acts of remembrance will be held throughout the city on the 22nd of May, which marks the one- year anniversary of this tragic event. Manchester unites in solidarity to remember the victims of that fatal night and here are some of the ways you can pay your respects:

  1. Tree’s of Hope, 19th – 27th May

People are writing messages of love and support to remember those who lost their lives. The city is being decorated with personal tributes; this trail of messages will run from Victoria Station to St Anne’s Square. These messages will be kept to build on the achieve of the peoples response to the attack.

  1. With One Voice, 22nd May 18

From 7pm till 9pm there will be a mass sing-along held in St Anne’s Square, which is such a special place of remembrance for Manchester as it was showered with tributes just hours following the event. Choirs will perform and everyone is welcome to sing along to specially selected songs, which represent the strength and togetherness of Manchester. The songs for the final number have already been announced to the public as being Ariana Grande’s One Last Time, Elbow’s One Day Like This, Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis and Never Forget by Take That. One Voice will begin with a series of video messages and a short introduction, this will be followed by a choral performance at 7:30pm, the evening will conclude with a mass sing-along at around 8:30pm.

  1. Remembering Together, 22nd May

In Cathedral gardens the people of Manchester are invited to watch the memorial service at Manchester Cathedral. The memorial service will be a private service with the families of those who lost their lives, those injured, first responders, City leaders and national figures. Everyone is invited to Cathedra Gardens to watch a live screening of the memorial and pay their respects.

  1. There is a Light, 22nd – 26th May

In remembrance song lyrics will be projected on to the pavements and buildings of St Anne’s square. In light of the one-year anniversary from the 22nd of May till the 26th song lyrics, which will be chosen by the people of Manchester, will be projected in the square. These lyrics will be important to Manchester, as they will evoke solidarity and will make us feel proud to be apart of this strong city.

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