New dramas every Monday afternoon, from 2.00pm on North Manchester FM 106.6

Dramas to entertain and inform, whether set in the present, future, or even the past.

Situations you may recognize, and maybe some you will not.

Some set in far away places, and some that will feel very close to home.

Serious subjects, and occasionally some that are light hearted…they’ll be something for everyone.

“I’ve always loved plays on the radio, not just because of the diversity, you can be at any time in history, the modern world…or even in the future…but predominantly…the pictures are better. The listener ‘sees’ the location, the costumes, and the characters…far better than you could ever present the play before an audience, or even a camera. Of course one of the huge advantages to plays on the radio, is that you are free to move around, you don’t have to remain sitting down in front of the Box. The thing about radio drama…is…they free the imagination.”

John Fryer
(Writer/Producer of radio plays on North Manchester FM)

This week: Given In Evidence

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