Manchester International Reggae Charts: Sunday 5th August 2018


no1 mr sage featuring clavier and kris lane         calling out

no2 khalia ft i-octane                    one dance up 4

no3 unique DIAmond                    life has a purpose dn 1

no4 john caton                               good guy dn 1

no5 leesha mac                              new love    new entry

no6 davania                                    who are we up dn2

no7 jameik king                             together as one

no8 unique Diamond                    time out n 3 no15

no9 easi b                                       perfect up5

no10 don hartley                         grandmas hands dn2

no11 ben russell and the charmers              ocean dn2

no12 mr sage                               jah dream dn2

no13 lisa mac                               black womandn2

no14 kasha black                         down to earthdn2

no15 victor Richards                   street paved with gold

no16 peppery                              not a victim dn3

no17 issaf ismail                          waiting in vaindn3


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