Manchester International Reggae Charts 2nd September 2018

Here are the Manchester International Reggae Charts announced on Sunday 2nd September 2018. 

Position/Artist                                       Title 

N01Mr Sage/Clavier/kris layne         Calling out

N02Jameik king                                    Together as one 

N03khalia ft I-Octane                          one dance 

N04 Sasco/ Stonebwoy/Spragga Benz     Changes 

N05 Unique Diamond                          Life as a purpose 

N06 John Caton                                    Good Guy 

No7 Leesha Mac                                  New Love 

N08 Davania                                         Who are we 

N09 Unique Diamond                         Time Out 

N010 Easi B                                            Perfect 

N011 Don Hartley                                 Grandmas Hand 

N012Ben Russel ft The Charmers      Ocean 

N013 leesha Mac                                  Black Woman 

N014 kasha Black                                  Down to Earth 

No15 Victor Richards                            Street Paved with Gold 

N016 Peppery                                        Not a Victim 

N017Issaf Ismail                                     waiting in vain 

This is Florida Reggae Recording Artist Mr Sage second N01 in the Manchester International Reggae Music Charts.


Originally from Jamaica Mr Sage moved to the USA to continue his rising Reggae Career and after gaining much success locally he submitted the song ‘Jah Dream’to the Manchester International Reggae Music Charts which broadcast every Sunday on North Manchester FM 106.6.

After much frantic voting from as far a field as Morocco and Egypt the song hit the N01 spot and stayed there for 13 weeks. Now his second single Calling Out featuring Clavier and Kris Layne seems set to emulate Jah Dream success.


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