Coming up live today 23 October, 12-2pm: A Helping of History with Hannah kate

Join Hannah on Today at 12pm for A Helping of History on North Manchester FM. This week’s show features an interview with Martin Dodge, one of the authors of Manchester: Mapping the City.

Published by Birlinn earlier this month, Manchester: Mapping the City by Terry Wyke, Brian Robson and Martin Dodge uses historic maps and unpublished and original plans to chart the dramatic growth and transformation of Manchester as it grew rich on its cotton trade from the late 18th century, experienced periods of boom and bust through the Victorian period, and began its post-industrial transformation in the 20th century. The Peterloo Massacre, the Bridgewater Canal, the railway revolution, Trafford Park industrial estate, the Ship Canal, Belle Vue theme park, Wythenshawe garden city, the 1996 IRA bomb, Coronation Street, iconic football stadiums, and MediaCity are just some of the events and places that have put Manchester on the world’s perceptual map and are explored through a wealth of published and unpublished maps and plans in this sumptuously illustrated cartographic history.

Martin is Senior Lecturer in Geography at Manchester University. Much of his current research focuses on Manchester and he has co-curated several high-profile public exhibitions about the city. I caught up with Martin earlier this week to talk about the book, and the story revealed by the maps and plans that are included.

As well as my interview with Martin, I’ll also be taking my usual look through Yesterday’s Papers. And you can pit your wits against the Who Am I? quiz – just how well do you know North Manchester’s landmark buildings? (Also, as it’s nearly Halloween, I’m going to sharing some costume suggestions – 1836-style!)

Catch the show today at 12pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).

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