Helping of History on Location

Join Hannah Kate on Tuesday 20th November at 12noon here on North Manchester FM for another Helping of History.

“This week, Hannah will be on location at St Peter’s Church, Blackley”.

“You may remember that St Peter’s Church was one of the buildings featured on the Who Am I? quiz last Christmas, so I thought it was time to visit its history in a bit more detail”, writes Hannah.

“The church, which overlooks Old Market Street in Blackley Village, was built in 1844 by E.H. Shellard. It replaced an older church, built in 1736, which in turn replaced Blackley Chapel, constructed in 1548. There was an oratory at Blackley as early as 1360, which may well have been the origin of the Blackley Chapel”.

“The current church – St Peter’s – is a Grade II*-listed Gothic revival building, in part because of the rare survival of its original pews, including a complete set of Gothick box pews. The church belongs to the North Manchester Deanery, part of the Manchester Diocese“.

“I’ll be talking to Reverend Eddie Roberts, who’ll be showing me around the church, and we’ll be talking about the church’s history, but also its identity in Blackley today”.

“Throughout the show, I’ll be sharing pictures on my Twitter page, so do follow along. You don’t need a Twitter account to see the pictures, just click on the link to view my timeline”.

Catch this special edition of A Helping of History on Tuesday 20th November at 12noon on North Manchester FM 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).

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