Coming up at 7pm: BuddyLine with Sonder Radio and Reform Radio

Tune in tonight at 7pm for Buddyline. BuddyLine is a series of intergenerational telephone conversations between people from the Sonder Radio Community of over 60s and the Reform Radio Community of under 28s.

We’ve matched four pairs of strangers from different genera ons and got them chatting via regular phone calls that we’ve recorded. You’ll hear snippets of these calls over four weeks – following one pair of strangers per week.

This is our fourth week of calls and we’ll be listening in to our final pair, Michael and Tony. This is their first call where Tony talks about his work helping asylum seekers, and Mikey discusses his career and life ambitions.

Taking advantage of the technology available to us, the conversations will be recorded from each of their homes during isolation. Through these honest conversations, our listeners enter into an intimate and genuine meeting between two people who would not otherwise interact in everyday society.

We have matched people with stories that will enlighten both the listeners and each other, and demonstrate that isolation does not have to be isolating, and can instead create long-lasting friendships.

Each week we will follow a different pair over the course of 5 conversations, and listen in to how their relationship develops. BuddyLine has been produced in partnership between Reform Radio and Sonder Radio and funded by Audio Content Fund.

Listen in each weekday at 7pm or tune in to the omnibus at 4pm on Saturday on North Manchester FM.

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