Weekday Drivetime on North Manchester FM 106.6

North Manchester FM 106.6 is pleased to announce that as we slowly start live shows following Lockdown we now have a full weekday complement of Drivetime Shows.

The working week starts with Timmy Towers Our Friends Electric from 5pm celebrating the best in all genres of electronic music and the digital arts scene in Manchester. From Depeche Mode to Dubstep, soundtracks to synthhop and all in between. Also featuring the best new talent in the music, film and art scenes who use the home computer, tablet or smartphone to create their work.

Tuesdays from 5pm it’s Abby taking you home playing the latest urban music from grime to r&b and hip hop. Also keeping you entertained with celebrity gossip, local job and training opportunities for young people, and what’s hot in the Manchester nightlife scene.

5pm on Wednesday it’s Ray’s Riot Punk Show. Playing old school punk and incorporating a nostalgic history of punk from the mid 70’s within music in general. This show will take you on a tour of the Punk era and its roots and influences in other genres of music.

This Thursday sees the live return of M35 Music Show from 5pm with Stevie O bringing you the best up and coming bands and artists.

Finally to start the weekend from 4pm it’s The M40 Show with Ray Bowles. Join Ray every week as he celebrates everything that North Manchester has to offer including its heritage, music, arts, people and characters!

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