Ten Tales: Ghost Stories for North Manchester by Hannah Kate

“I am very pleased to say that this winter North Manchester FM will be repeating my series of spooky fiction – Ten Tales: Ghost Stories for North Manchester. Every Friday at 10pm, we’ll be sharing an original piece of fiction, written by yours truly exclusively for North Manchester FM” writes Hannah Kate.

“The nights are drawing in now, and there’s a bit of a chill in the air. Perfect weather for old-school ghost stories on the wireless. Ten Tales very much belongs to the classic tradition of spooky stories for the season… but with a uniquely North Manchester flavour. From Crosslee to Crumpsall, Hollinwood to Harpurhey, these stories draw on settings and history from around the local area”.

“Essentially… imagine if M.R. James had visited Dam Head instead of the British Library…”

Ten Tales: Ghost Stories for North Manchester was first broadcast in 2019, and your second chance to hear the stories begins on Friday 23rd October at 10pm. The first story is entitled The Threat of Blossom. It’s set on the Crosslee estate in Blackley, where the cherry trees have blossomed early…

Episode List

The Threat of Blossom (Fri 23rd Oct)
Turkey Red (Fri 30th Oct)
Help the Poor Struggler (Fri 6th Nov)
The Singular Disappearance of the Old Man from Jumbo (Fri 13th Nov)
Corporation Pop (Fri 20th Nov)
The Occultation of Saturn (Fri 27th Nov)
The Lost Map of Doctor John Dee (Fri 4th Dec)
Tinker’s Gardens (Fri 11th Dec)
At Booth Cottage (Fri 18th Dec)
Christmas in Gotherswick (Fri 25th Dec)

You can listen to Ten Tales: Ghost Stories for North Manchester every Wednesday at 10pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or online (if you’re further afield). Episodes will also be available on the station’s ‘Listen Again’ service for a limited time after broadcast.

Draw the curtains, make some cocoa, try to ignore that rapping, tapping at your chamber door, and tune in the wireless for a spooky story every Friday night… only on North Manchester FM 106.6.

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