Current Opportunities with MIF Manchester International Festival

Plans are under way for Manchester International Festival which will take place, in one form or another due to Covid-19 restrictions, later this year.

There are currently opportunities for local residents to get involved online in a variety of activities.

1. Factory Futures Training Programme – Broadcasting and Film Production
Key Facts:
* Free training programme to help young people gain skills and experience in broadcast, digital, and film and TV production
* Open to GM Residents aged 19-24 with an interest in starting a new career 
* No experience required and open to all
* Registration closes: Fri 12 Feb 2021
* Webpage for registration and more info: 
* Film about Factory Futures:

2. Artist Drop Ins
Key Facts: 
* Drop-in zoom session where artists (of any experience level) can come together to share experiences and ideas during lockdown.  There’s three different types of sessions which are all about supporting artists or creatives who might feel a little isolated right now.  One where you get to meet MIF’s Artistic Directors called Lockdown Inspirations, the second a fun networking event called Matchmakers and the third where you find out more about an interesting artist called Artist Drop in.  More info can be found on the Artist Support page here – there’s also resources for funding listed and a dedicated facebook group here.  

The next Artist Drop event is with a company called Marshmallow Laser Feast – a really clever company that use digital tools to create different realities.  I went to a show of there’s a while ago and I could see the blood pumping through my veins – it was a little insane….info below.. 
* Webpage: 

3. Have A Word 
Key Facts:
* Series of free online conversations
* 7pm on the third Wednesday of the month
* Conversation community who talk about anything from news to the weather, politics to the pandemic, our streets and neighbourhoods to the wider world beyond
* Webpage:

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