Hannah’s Bookshelf today from 2pm with fab guest Beverley Butcher

“Join me on Saturday at 2pm on North Manchester FM for another episode of Hannah’s Bookshelf. This week, I’ll be welcoming the fab Beverley Butcher to the show” writes presenter Hannah Kate.

Beverley was born and raised in rural Lincolnshire, descended from generations of tenant farmers and agricultural workers. She left school in the 80s with no qualifications, then went to the local tech college to pursue her love of reading and literature, eventually moving to Manchester and graduating with a degree in English Language & Literature. After working in dozens of temporary jobs (road crew, courier, review writer, bar manager, librarian) she began working in the NHS as a mental health support worker. She trained as a nurse and has worked in frontline mental health care for over 20 years.

In January 2020 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment during the Covid pandemic lockdown. Based on her experience of cancer treatment and the transition from nurse to patient, she wrote the piece ‘Sisterhood of Broken Dolls’, which is one of eight pieces chosen to feature in the new anthology of speculative fiction on the subject of chronic illness and ‘misbehaving bodies’, Disturbing the Body, which was published by Boudicca Press in January. Beverley has previously published short stories and is now working on a longer piece, a folk horror novel set in Lincolnshire.’

“I’ll be talking to Beverley about her writing, experiences and influences. And, of course, she’ll be sharing her selections for this week’s Apocalypse Books.” adds Hannah

“Catch the show on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield)”.

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