Hannah’s Bookshelf (Not Quite) Live Poetry Special, Today, 2-4pm

“Join me on Saturday 3rd April, 2-4pm, for my annual Hannah’s Bookshelf Live Poetry Special on North Manchester FM. Except, of course, that once again we’ll be Not Quite Live! I’ve got 12 brilliant poets lined up to perform their work for you (they just obviously won’t all in the same room, and none of us will be within 2 metres of each other). Check out who’s going to be on the show…” writes presenter Hannah Kate.

Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell is a former national and regional journalist, who has published two collections of poetry. His latest, White Eye of the Needle, explores love, life and lockdown, and was published through The Choir Press in March. He currently lives in Nottingham with his wife, where several of the poems were written.

Sunita Thind
Sunita Thind has a multicultural first collection of poetry called The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems by Black Pear Press, and a second collection published by Wild Pressed Books called The Coconut Girl. As a British Punjabi poet with two published collections of multicultural poetry, she has been featured in the national media recently. Sunita is a performance poet, as well as a school teacher and workshop facilitator.

Elisabeth Horan
Elisabeth Horan is a poet, mother, and small press publisher living in the wilds of Vermont. She is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Animal Heart Press. Elisabeth is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets.

Tony Harrison
Tony Harrison is a teacher and writer who lives in Whitefield, Bury, with his wife and three dogs. He writes poetry, short stories and has recently completed a novel, Some Kind of a Man, for which he’s seeking publication.

Hadley-James Hoyles
Hadley-James Hoyles is a poet, writer, musician and educator from Skipton, North Yorkshire, who is currently based in Edinburgh. He primarily writes about the relationship between the human psyche and the earth, the effect of landscape on the mental health and outlook of humanity, and the echoes of the ancient North which haunts the land he grew up in. He is the founder and organiser of The Alcove poetry outfit in Edinburgh and a member of performance group The Heretics.

Martin Elder
Martin Elder is a writer, poet and spoken word performer based in Stockport. He is part of a writing group in Stockport and has made a number of appearances at open mics in and around the North West, but he has also appeared in Eastbourne, Brighton and as a guest performer in Swansea. Martin has written two of a trilogy of books and countless short stories.

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson started writing poetry and spoken word material after leaving full time work in 2012. His work is mainly rhythmic and lyrical, covering a wide range of subjects emanating from deep within his soul.

Dorinda MacDowell

Dorinda MacDowell is a wife, mother, grandmother, lover of life and words. Two of her greatest pleasures are reading and writing.

Christopher Monk
Christopher Monk is a consultant specialising in medieval culture. He is currently writing a book about 14th-century cookery, and he writes poetry exploring trauma, aging, and the odd bit of sunshine.

Bridie Breen
Bridie Breen is an Irish-born, Manchester-matured poet. She loves the human condition, the good, the bad and the ugly. She writes it as it is, for the joy of getting it down.

Kate Wilson
Recently, Kate Wilson’s work has appeared in Eye Flash Poetry Journal14 MagazineThe Pandemic Poetry Anthology, and Mookychick. Her debut pamphlet, One Night in January was published by Wild Pressed Books in January 2021. When not writing, she is usually found curled up with her dog Huxley.

Katherine Horrex
Katherine Horrex’s first collection Growlery is published by Carcanet. Her poems have featured in the Forward Prize’s 2021 anthology, the Times Literary SupplementPoetry London and others. She works as a tutor and teaching assistant in Manchester.

These fantastic writers and performers will all be appearing on this week’s Hannah’s Bookshelf on Saturday from 2pm. You can catch the show on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).

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