On next Tuesday’s MIF (Manchester International Show) we talk about how YOU can get involved in Sea Change with Gareth Smith, MIF Engagement Coordinator

On next week’s MIF (Manchester International Festival) Show David will be chatting to Gareth Smith, MIF Engagement Coordinator for Sea Change.

Sea Change, is an extraordinary new dance event taking place on Deansgate on Thursday 1 July, the first day of the Manchester International Festival (MIF) and MIF is inviting 160 Greater Manchester residents to take part in it!

Together with French choreographer Boris Charmatz and his team of professional dancers, each participant will learn a series of dance movements to be performed on the spot. The audience will experience the performance by walking or even running past waves of dancers to animate the action into their very own living flipbook.

Participants will need to attend eight rehearsal sessions over ten days between Saturday 19 June and the world premiere on Thursday 1 July. No dance experience is necessary, and all fitness and mobility levels are welcome.

If you are interested in getting involved in Sea Change please contact Gareth Smith by emailing gareth.smith@mif.co.uk or calling/ texting 07874 870406.

Tune in from 1pm on Tuesday 18th May on North Manchester FM 106.6.


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