Event: Tonight at 7pm MUD Kitchen (Manchester Urban Diggers)

Premiering Thursday 27 May, 7pm watch over on the MIF YouTube channel

“Join us in May for a digital dinner date with a difference, as the community cooks of Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) take us on a journey from soil to table: growing and sourcing ingredients, cooking up a storm and then sharing the results with the team at Platt Fields Market Garden. Welcome to the MUD Kitchen, the latest in MIF’s ongoing series of Festival in My House… And Yours“.

MUD is a community of urban market gardeners who make spaces for people to grow food in Greater Manchester: from The Landing, their Stockport rooftop garden created in collaboration with Where the Light Gets In, to their flagship community garden in Platt Fields Park. A non-profit social enterprise and a member of the Community Supported Agriculture Network, MUD use organic growing methods to improve soil health, biodiversity, community cohesion and mental wellbeing in the city. 

MUD Kitchen closes our second series of micro-international festivals created under lockdown from home – and garden! – by residents of Greater Manchester. You can catch up with every episode on demand via MIF’s YouTube channel – always for free.

Supported and presented by Manchester International Festival.

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