Tune in to the final MIF Show from 12noon today Looking Back at Manchester International Festival 2021 and Forward to The Factory

David Kay (MIF Neighbourhood Organiser for north Manchester) and David Shanahan (volunteer with MIF) have been presenting weekly MIF Shows from 23rd March encouraging local residents to get involved in the Festival as volunteers, participants/ performers and audience.

In that time guests have included Josh and Chloe from MalandraJacks talking about Arty Farty, Vinnie talking about Have A Word, Mica Young talking about process of applying to perform at Festival Square, Rosannah Engagement Co-ordinator at MIF, Gareth Smith MIF Engagement Coordinator for Sea Change, Victoria Engagement Coordinator and Community Connector at MIF, Shada talking about Looking Forward To Tomorrow, Billy a new volunteer at MIF, Olivia talking about Looking Forward To Tomorrow, Mike from North Manchester band INTI talks about performing at Festival Square, singer songwriter Linda Lamon talking about how she got involved in MIF and the I Love You Too book project and Margarette who talked about the second instalment of Looking Forward To Tomorrow.

In this final show David and David chat to Lucy Porte about her involvement in this year’s Festival and we look ahead to The Factory.

Tune in from 12noon on North Manchester FM 106.6 on Tuesday 20th July.


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