FREE Course: Mindfulness for Health

Are you suffering with pain, stress, disability or chronic illness? Learn to live well again with mindfulness.
Mindfulness techniques help us to be more aware, at peace and present.
This course can help you to: Manage your health condition Sleep better and feel less tired Improve your mood
Have a better quality of life.

Find out more and book an introductory session:
Send an email to Phone 0161 834 1100 (ask for Karen or Colin)

Free places are available on this expert-led course for Manchester residents. In particular, we would like to welcome:
Those with a disability of any kind
Those with a chronic health condition
People from black, asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds Older adults
People from the LGBTQ+ communities
Carers and family supporters
“This course has given me a way out of worrying about my pain. Now I can pick myself up and go out.
Now, I realise I’m not the only one suffering with pain…I feel there’s a connection with others”.


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