Tuesday from 12noon: The PaSH Partnership with BHA for Equality in Health & Social Care and George House Trust on support for those living with HIV

On Tuesday 23rd November from 12noon North Manchester FM 106.6 will be talking to Jeff Ukiri, African Men’s Engagement Worker (George House Trust) and Chantelle Walker, Sexual Health Advisor and Inclusion Lead (BHA For Equality) who are working together on the PaSH partnership.

The Passionate about Sexual Health (PaSH) Partnership is a collaboration between BHA for EqualityGeorge House Trust and the LGBT Foundation. The PaSH Partnership will deliver a comprehensive programme of interventions to meet the changing needs of people newly diagnosed with HIV, living longer term with HIV or at greatest risk of acquiring HIV.

This will be a follow up to last week’s programme this week focussing on the support available to those living with HIV from non-white British communities

This is part of new series of ten Radio based Covid Health Initiatives for Black Communities in North Manchester programmes funded by The National Lottery’s Awards for All North Manchester FM 106.6.

Tune in live from 12noon on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and smart speakers.

If you miss the live show we’ll be repeating the programme on air and it will also be available for Listen Again via the North Manchester FM website.


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