Tune in to Hannah’s Bookshelf today from 2pm with guest John Darwin

“Join me on Saturday at 2pm for more Hannah’s Bookshelf on North Manchester FM. This week, my guest will be the fab John Darwin” writes presenter Hannah Kate.

John Darwin is a Manchester poet. He’s lived in Prestwich for 25 years. He came to poetry late in life, kicked into action by his dad’s terminal illness and a desire to do something more than shifting papers and supping pints. He was the host of Write Out Loud Sale for two years, a member of the nationally acclaimed ‘A Firm of Poets’ for a couple more, and has hosted numerous spoken word and comedy events. His first solo collection, I Meet Myself Returning, was published by Flapjack Press in 2019. A new collection is due in 2022.

Sometimes known as the Heartbreak Kid, John writes from the heart about the mystery of relationships, the piquance of location, the joy of boozy afternoons and the pleasure of escaping from day to day drudgery.

“I’ll be talking to John about I Meet Myself Returning, and about his poetry in general. And, of course, he’ll be sharing his selections for this week’s Apocalypse Books” adds Hannah.

Catch the show on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).


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