Tune in to Bits and Bats this Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm with Rebecca and Reuben from Anson Road Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit and Michael from People’s History Museum

Tune in to Bits and Bats with Abu when he will be talking to Rebecca Bains, Senior Occupational Therapist and Reuben Bainbridge Occupational Therapy Assistant / Support Worker from Anson Road Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit.

Photo of presenter Abu

“(Rebecca and Reuben) help people who are referred to their services to regain their independence by arranging different activities which will improve the overall condition of the client and to help restore their wellbeing to its original state” writes Abu.

Here to Help with Mental Health

“People use their services when they go through adverse periods of time and they find it difficult to cope with their situation to help restore their normal circumstances”.

Abu will also be talking to Michael from People’s History Museum.

Tune in from 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speaker.


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