Tune in from 12noon: Prostate Cancer Awareness with Can-Survive UK

North Manchester FM 106.6 is broadcasting a new series of ten Radio based Covid Health Initiatives for Black Communities in North Manchester programmes.

This project is funded by The National Lottery’s Awards for All programme.

Today, from 12noon, Paul from Can-Survive UK will be presenting a show raising Awareness of Prostrate Cancer.

There will be a conversation with a consultant discussing:  

  • Risk factors
  • Signs and symptoms about prostate cancer
  • When to contact your GP
  • Tests to detect prostate cancer
  • Treatment – options (most common ones)

Then Paul will talk with a service user who will share his experience of having prostate cancer and a carer who will share her experience of looking after a family member who had cancer.

Tune in from 12noon on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speaker.


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