Tune in to Hannah’s Bookshelf this Saturday from 2pm with special guest Kenzie Millar

“Join me on Saturday at 2pm for more from Hannah’s Bookshelf on North Manchester FM. This week, I’ll be joined by the fab Kenzie Millar” writes presenter Hannah Kate.

“Kenzie is a writer, reviewer, and banker (well, she works for a bank at least). From her first book, written age 11, Mustard Seeds, she knew she wanted to be an author and give her readers the magical gift of being taken to another world. While Kenzie-World has grown somewhat darker, she still hopes her readers will enjoy the discomfort and unease she creates. Her short stories are inspired by folklore and fantasy, but focus on themes of motherhood, gender, and chronic pain. As you read, you should always question the story you are being told”.

“Kenzie was a runner up in the Orton 2020 competition, with her story ‘Yuletide’. Subsequently, she judged their 2021 competition. She has performed at The Other, Endostravaganza, and We Want Women. She is part of the Orton Writers Group, and reviews books for Crack magazine. Her story, ‘Pass Through the Waters’ will be published in the Fly on the Wall Press anthology Of Myths and Mothers later this month”.

“I’ll be talking to Kenzie about her short stories, and about writing in general. And, of course, she’ll be sharing her selections for this week’s Apocalypse Books” adds Hannah.

Catch the show on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).


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