Coming up at 4pm: Bits and Bats with guests Martin from Sing for Ukraine and Adam Brand Graphologist

Tune in to Bits and Bats with Abu and Abdul from 4pm this Tuesday and Wednesday.

“On Tuesday and Wednesday’s show there are interviews from Martin who is organising a charity event in aid of Ukraine, the event is called Sing for Ukraine and it’s happening on Saturday 2nd April at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre on Smedley Lane in Cheetham Hill. There will be lots of artists down there playing acoustic music and all kinds of music, if you are in that part of town please do go and see those artists in action” writes co-presenter Abdul.

Tickets are available here:

“The second interview will be by a Graphologist Adam Brand based in Twickenham, this is a compelling interview as Adam will talk about his experience in Graphology, he will tell us about what Graphology entails, what it includes, he will talk about use of modern technology being a disadvantage as your own personal work written by hand was more beneficial to us personally because this actually got your brain ticking and this requires more processed thoughts and resulted in a structured articulated piece of work rather than using iPhones and computers” explains Abdul.

“Adam Brand is an experienced Graphologist working with a company which deals with forensics and he works in conjunction with solicitors to determine whether a signature is forged, he has his own website where you can contact him directly with your questions by filling in the contact form” adds Abdul.

Tune in from 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speakers!


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