Tune in to Bits and Bats this Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm with guest Sam Holness

Tune in to Bits and Bats with Abu and Abdul from 4pm this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Abu and Abdul will be chatting to Sam Holness.

“Sam Holness is the first person with autism spectrum disorder in history to complete the ironman triathlon in a time of 12 hours 29 minutes in three discipline events swimming, cycling and running all performed in successive order” writes presenter Abdul.

“Sam trained about 20-25 hours in preparation for this triathlon. He was eating rice cakes smothered in peanut butter and drinking lots of water taking lots of carbohydrates three days in advance. Sam was riding a bike as late as the age of 14 years and nine years later he is competing in his first triathlon” continues Abdul.

“Tony Holness, his father, has given an excellent description of a neurotypical athlete in the second part (of the interview) which you just have to tune in to listen to because I hope this really resonates with so many people and tony also highlighted a great point that they are trying to raise awareness of autism in the sporting spectrum and using the sporting platform to promote autism”.

“It’s a remarkable interview to listen to with both Sam Holness and Tony Holness it’s really worth a listen on back to back days this Tuesday 05.07.2022 and Wednesday 06.07.2022” adds Abdul.

Tune in this Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speakers!


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