Tune in to its and Bats this Tuesday from 4pm with Suzanne Roberts of Macular Society and Sam Holness Iron Man Challenge

Tune in to Bits and Bats this Tuesday from 4pm when Abu and Abdul will be talking to Suzanne Robert, Head of Counselling at the Macular Society.

“Suzanne will be describing what macular degeneration and Charles Bonnet Syndrome are” writes Abdul. “Suzanne will be telling you about all the major events the Macular society is organising including a webinar in September and describing how people cope with Charles Bonnet Syndrome despite losing such a large proportion of vision how they manage their condition”.

There is also a second chance to hear Sam Holness and his father/ coach Tony.

Sam Holness, with Austism Spectrum Disorder, completed the Ironman challenge comprised of three disciplines.

“Sam is the first to complete such a challenge as this. Tony is his coach and his Father he has got Sam prepared for this challenge” writes Abdul. “Hear this incredible story of how long it took and further details of how he got on. Sam’s typical meals consisted of rice cakes with peanut butter, a choice of a banana and an apple, porridge and water. Tony Holness will be describing what it was like to coach Sam and his journey compared to a neurotypical athlete”.

All this and more in the Bits and Bats programme tomorrow in the weekly slot of 4pm only on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speakers!


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