This Tuesday on Bits and Bats from 4pm: Seema Flower of Blind Ambition UK

“This afternoon we have a interview with Seema Flower of Blind Ambition UK” writes presenter Abdul.

“This is a sight loss charity based in Small Heath area of Birmingham and they offer help and support to people living with sight loss and those who are visually impaired in many ways” adds Abdul.

Blind Ambition offers help and support in the following areas of daily life

Emotional support and family support

Helping those suffering with sight loss to come to terms with their diagnosis and offering advice and support to those

people who are dealing with visual impairment to ensure that they receive an equal opportunity to live life as they would have hope to live and helping to make that life changing transition feel seamless and less a painful experience.

Home visits

At Blind Ambition they understand what it takes to be in the shoes of those living and enduring sight loss so they arrange home visits to comfort those and support those people by lending a helping hand in listening to their concerns and at Blind Ambition they work towards a goal of understanding what support those people need and try to provide viable resolutions to their difficulties visually impaired people may be facing.


Blind Ambition help the visually impaired to kick into action the rehabilitation process by helping support those people who are still finding it difficult to adjust to losing their sight and this charity organisation helps get the ball rolling towards a recovery after losing their sight.


They provide mobility training and help working with people who are learning to use a cane and provide support to those who are still adapting to learning routes if they are suffering with visual impairment and to make their transition towards sight loss a smooth one and an easy process.

Daily activities

They are helping people who are struggling with their household work including training residents how to use essential tools, such as a liquid level indicator and a magnifier as well as helping out people with their own cooking and cleaning jobs around the home.

Education and Employment

At Blind Ambition they help people with visual impairments by supporting them into working opportunities and roles. They help by informing employers of any impairments or disabilities a client may have so that the employer can adapt to support their needs and provide help with the areas in which the person needs further assistance with developing their skills


They are ensuring that people receive the right academic support they need by creating contacts with institutions such as schools and colleges and universities. Essentially what they are working towards is encouraging more visually impaired people to go further in academic and higher education to enhance the quality of life for sight impaired people

Economic Wellbeing

Blind Ambition acknowledges that people living with sight loss suffer more adversely in terms of conducting their daily life, so they help support their financial needs by working with governments provisional benefit schemes by helping fill any documentation that is required to receive benefit instalments.

Activities and Social Groups

They help run social activities to prevent social isolation and encourage those particularly living with sight loss to interact with the outside community and build relationships with those people who they have not met before in their normal social circle.

Advocate for Sight Loss and to raise awareness of sight loss in the community

Ensuring that blind people are getting involved in their projects and activities that would prevent social isolation and help engage with other members of the wider community to spread the message of sight loss travel further and to really help people understand sight loss and what it feels like to be visually impaired. They also would encourage people to in-still  the confidence into blind and visually impaired people that they can live the same life as when they had vision and still perform any tasks to a high standard on a daily basis.

Tune in this Tuesday from 4pm on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on your smart speakers!


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