Coming Up: The Festival Show with Hannah Kate from 4pm with reviews from Greater Manchester Fringe Festival and more!

“Join me on Friday at 4pm for the penultimate episode of The Festival Show on North Manchester FM. This week’s episode will be taking another look at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, and here’s what’s coming up on Friday…” writes presenter Hannah Kate.

A review of Disenchanted: A Cabaret of Twisted Fairy Tales I’ll be talking about Disenchanted by Eliane Morel, one of the C ARTS digital events on this year’s programme.

A review of On Me On Wednesday 27th July, I was at the Seven Oaks Pub to see On Me(Dangerous to Know).

A review of Hear. Speak. See. I’ll be talking about Hear. Speak. See. by Expial Atrocious, one of the GMF Digital Events available for streaming on this year’s festival programme.

A review of Willy’s Lil Virgin Queen I’ll be talking about Willy’s Lil Virgin Queen by Terra Taylor Knudson, one of the C ARTS digital events on this year’s programme.

What’s On… We’re going into the last few days of the GM Fringe Festival, but there’s still things to see. I’ll be sharing some final festival recommendations in my What’s On guide.

Catch the show on Friday at 4pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).


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