Coming Up: The Festival Show with Hannah Kate: Season Finale from 4pm

Join me on Friday at 4pm for the final episode of The Festival Show on North Manchester FM! The Season Finale episode will have two final reviews of plays on at this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe, plus a look back at all the festivals I covered on the show over the past three months. Here’s what’s coming up on Friday…

A review of After Shark I’ll be talking about After Shark by Lita Doolan Productions, one of the GMF Digital Events that was available for streaming on this year’s festival programme.

Reviews of A Little Drape of Heaven and Tree Confessions I’ll be talking about A Little Drape of Heaven and Tree Confessions by This Is Not A Theatre Company, two of the C ARTS digital events on this year’s programme.

A look back at SICK! FestivalGM Walking Festival and Manchester Flower Show I’m going to be sharing my highlights of festivals that took place in May and early June.

A look back at Manchester HistoriesFestival of Libraries and the Greater Manchester Fringe I’m going to be sharing my highlights of festivals that took place in June and July.

Catch the show on Friday at 4pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).


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