Coming Up: Hannah’s Bookshelf from 2pm with guest N. J. Cartner

Join me on Saturday at 2pm on North Manchester FM for more News, Reviews and Short Interviews on Hannah’s Bookshelf. Here’s what’s coming up on this week’s show…

A review of a book by Jonathan Franklin I’ll be talking about Red Road Green by Jonathan Franklin (out now from Sparsile Books).

A review of a book by Jonathan Purkis I’ll be talking about Driving with Strangers: What Hitchhiking Tells Us About Humanity (out now from Manchester University Press).

An interview with N.J. Cartner I first interviewed N.J. Cartner back in September 2018. Born and raised in Manchester and heavily influenced by music, film and literature, N.J. has aspired to work in and around the creative arts since his teenage years. He started out writing for music fanzines and hosting a couple of radio shows, which helped hone his craft and led to his first novel, Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas, being published in 2017. Since then, he’s been working on the sequel, Lost in Manchester, Tourin’ America, which will be released in 2022 with a launch party in September. And in case you were wondering, N.J.’s selections for Apocalypse Books were Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, Danny Sugerman’s Wonderland Avenue, and Rex Pickett’s Sideways.

And What Are You Reading?… the section of the show where I ask writers about the books they’re reading at the moment. This week I’ve got another selection of reviews and recommendations. And if you’re a writer who’d like to take part, check out this post with details of how to join in!

Plus… you can hear my round-up of news from the World of Words. If you’ve got a news story you’d like to share, please use the News Form to submit it to the show.

Catch the show on Saturday at 2pm on 106.6FM (if you’re in the North Manchester area) or listen online (if you’re further afield).


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