Toddlers, Tech & Talk Research project.

What digital technologies do you and your young child use at home?

The UK wide survey for the Toddlers Tech and Talk project has been launched and we need your help!  This survey is the first of its kind to provide unique knowledge about current behaviours and attitudes towards digital technology use among very young children and their families.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child aged 0-3 years in the UK, please also complete the survey!

The survey is the first phase of new research project led by Professor Rosie Flewitt at Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with colleagues at the universities of Lancaster, Queens Belfast, Strathclyde and Swansea. The research is funded by ESRC.

The survey is available in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, Gujrati, Polish, Panjabi, Romanian, Ukrainian, Urdu, or Welsh) online, in printed format or as a structured online interview, if preferred by participants. 

The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. It asks about digital device ownership and usage at home, parental attitudes, confidence and anxiety around digital media and demographic information.

Please also follow us on Social Media to keep up-to-date with the project and emergent findings.

Twitter: @ToddlersNTech 

Instagram: @toddlerstechntalk 

Facebook: @ToddlersTechandTalk 


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