What are you reading?

Writers! Want to share your reading reviews and recommendations on the radio? I’d love for you to take part in What Are You Reading? on Hannah’s Bookshelf in 2023!

What Are You Reading? is a monthly feature on Hannah’s Bookshelf (my weekly literature show on North Manchester FM), in which writers tell us a bit about the books they’ve been enjoying recently. And, of course, there’s an opportunity to say a little something about your own work or upcoming publications as well.

Taking part is really easy, and you can send in as many contributions as you like. All you need is a microphone and an internet connection. When you’re ready to send something in, just follow this link, and then submit it when you’ve finished recording.

A few more details that might help:

– Make sure you introduce yourself and your work at the beginning of your recording. Start with something like ‘Hi, this is Writer McWriterson, author of the Books O’Pages series of novels…’

– Recordings need to be a maximum of 5 minutes long (it’ll cut off at 5 minutes), but there’s no minimum length

– Talk about what you’ve been reading recently, including whether or not you’d recommend the book to others

– Don’t forget to plug anything you’ve got coming out soon as well, if that’s relevant

– And please remember to include your name and email address when you submit your recording (you’ll be prompted to do so)

– If you’ve got any queries, or need an alternative method of submission, please just email me


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