Competition to the name the new We Love MCR Charity Mascot

When Heather and Charmain interviewed the Lord Mayor for the Friendly Friday Show he talked about his involvement in the We Love MCR charity.

The charity was formerly the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Appeal Trust and is committed to providing funding to a range of individuals and groups to improve the lives, aspirations and life chances of Manchester people and build stronger communities.

We Love MCR Charity unveiled its charity mascot for the first time on Friday 29th July at the annual Wythenshawe Games at Wythenshawe Park.

We Love MCR Mascot

The bee was welcomed at the Games by Lord Mayor Councillor of Manchester Carl Austin-Behan (pictiured above) and greeted by Manchester residents, families and friends.

The We Love MCR Charity has chosen a bee to mirror Manchester’s iconic worker bee symbol. The worker bee represents the height of industrial activity in Manchester during the 19th century Industrial Revolution. In 1842, the Borough of Manchester was granted the crest of arms including seven bees, reflecting the hard working Mancunians who contributed to the city’s movement during this time.

Lord Mayor of Manchester Councillor Carl Austin-Behan said: “I believe the We Love MCR charity deserves greater recognition for the fantastic work it undertakes in supporting deserving local causes, and what better way to create a real buzz around the charity’s many excellent achievements than with our new mascot. 

 “Our friendly, fluffy bee is instantly recognisably as Mancunian. The bee is a symbol synonymous with the city of Manchester and the ideas of industriousness, perseverance, and community. These qualities all reflect the tireless community initiatives across Manchester which donations to the We Love MCR charity help to support.” 

 “While our mascot is clearly a Mancunian bee, sadly as yet, it doesn’t have a name. The bee will represent the people who make up the communities of Manchester so it will be fitting to allow Mancunians the opportunity to help choose a name for our mascot. I look forward to reading the imaginative ideas suggested by the people of Manchester and meeting the competition winner and three friends who will be invited for afternoon tea in the Lord Mayor’s Suite in the town hall.’’

Also commenting, Chris Bird, Fundraising Chairman of the We Love MCR Charity, ‘‘A bee was the perfect fit for We Love MCR and a great representation of the hard work the charity does for the people of Manchester. We’re looking forward to introducing our new mascot in our up and coming events and initiatives.’’

The We Love MCR Charity has launched a competition to name the mascot. To enter, send your best bee names along with your full name and contact number to or follow the hashtag #welovemcrbee. The winner will win a VIP tour of the Manchester Town Hall and Afternoon Tea with 3 friends, the Lord Mayor of Manchester and the bee! The winning name for the mascot will be announced on Wednesday 31st August.


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