Bits and Bats this Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm with guests Abrar ul Haq and Israr ul Haq of Sahara For Life Trust and teacher Ilyas Ayub.

“In this week’s edition of Bits and Bats we have been talking with a familiar singer from Pakistan in Abrar ul Haq. He talks about the foundation of how they made Sahara for LifeTrust with his brother Israr ul Haq” writes presenter Abdul.

“Abrar was shedding light on how they provided relief to the victims of the Pakistan floods in 2010 and that they helped construct 1,300 houses for those people affected by the floods”.

“In addition he also discussed the flood situation of recent times and how the charity is working with world organisations to help restructure Pakistan”. 

“His brother Israr ul Haq talks about his visits to the province of Sindh and he describes the situation on the ground. How people were finding life difficult to manage to find clean drinking water and how they had to drink water which is not safe to drink in order to survive”. 

“He narrates the story of a young boy who was walking in the floods to find water and he could not find safe drinking water. Their interview is covering both tomorrow and Wednesday at 4:00pm” adds Abdul

“Ilyas Ayub is also featuring on Wednesday. He is a teacher of English literature at AKAB school. Azad Kashmir Association for the Blind. It’s an institution based in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and it’s operated by the blind community of Azad Kashmir and the surrounding areas”.

Tune in from 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday on on North Manchester FM 106.6 on your radio, online and on you smart speaker.


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