Info: Good Night Out Guide

Greater Manchester’s Good Night Out Guide has been created to help make sure everyone can have a great, safe night out in Manchester.

The guide provides tips on things to plan before a night out and lists places and services available in the city centre for support.

The guide recognises the success and enjoyment of Manchester’s nightlife, but also helps people be better able to spot risks while out and know what to do if something does go wrong.

The Good Night Out Guide has been handed out to students as they returned to Manchester, and posters are on display in bars and clubs throughout the city centre. Information from the guide is also being promoted across the city centre’s bus and tram networks.

The information in the Good Night Out Guide includes:

  • Safe places and trusted services that people can go to while on a night out
  • What to do if something goes wrong while out, including advice on what to do if a drink has been spiked
  • Where and how to report when things go wrong
  • Services available for support.

All the information in Greater Manchester’s Good Night Out Guide is available on a dedicated website:

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